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LAMBERTVILLEALIVE.COM celebrates the beautiful and lively town of Lambertville, NJ. Much of the charm of Lambertville is unchanged since the 1800's, graced by Victorian houses, Federal row homes, and tree-lined streets which are a delight for visitors and residents. While Lambertville is no longer a manufacturing center, it is a prime destination for visitors, particularly because of its strong arts and antiques communities, but also because of its wonderful dining and lodging facilities. Check out our comprehensive directories to area businesses, restaurants, and much more. Our events calendar is always buzzing with thousands of events in and around Hunterdon County! Let be your guide. READ MORE

Lambertville is located on the west bank Delaware River across from New Hope. In its early days, the area was named after various ferry operators, ultimately becoming known as Coryell's Ferry. This was the New Jersey terminus of the main road between New York City and Philadelphia. The route continued, via ferry, to New Hope, and then to Philadelphia. In 1814, the town was renamed Lambertville with the establishment of a post office. In early days, the town's prosperity was due primarily to its location on the Delaware River and the Raritan canal which was completed in 1834. With the closing of the United New Jersey Railroad and Canal Company, Lambertville became a factory town with a range of products though with the decline of the railroad and canal, the factories shut down.

The town suffered for many years, but eventually its young people returned with establishments such as the Jonsdottir art gallery, Hamilton Grill and the Lambertville Station restaurant and hotel. Partly because of its proximity to New Hope, Lambertville began to attract creative types, which continues to the present day. Much of its historic flavor remains—especially in its restored homes. Lambertville is now a tourist destination, with many shops, galleries, restaurants, and B&Bs. The canal path offers cyclists, joggers and walkers a beautiful spot to enjoy the river and the canal. Now, many visitors enjoy the hospitality of both New Hope and Lambertville, via a pleasant walk across the bridge.


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